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Solutions to 3 Big Challenges.

At Candid8, we realize that recruiters spending time searching through applicant tracking systems trying to find applicants that are qualified and interested can be time-consuming, therefore sometimes under-prioritized.  This is why most agencies have tens of thousands of applicants in their ATS, yet the vast majority of placements over the past three weeks come from job boards.


Save Time

Reduce the time it takes to find applicants that are qualified and interested in your open jobs.

Save Money

Use more of the applicants in your ATS, to improve ROI on your ATS and Recruiting Efforts.

Improve  Experience

Provide a best in class experience for your applicants and clients to keep them engaged and retained.

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"I’ve been a programmer for years and still learned a ton.

Alex Rhodes

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"I was nervous about learning to code, but these courses are amazing!

Jason Shine

Student at MSU

"I have taken 3 courses so far and can’t wait to take more.

Christy Smith


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