About Us

Hi, I'm Dan

Candid8 Co-Founder


After 16 years in the staffing industry and reviewing all of the ATS and various software available to optimize a recruiter's work, I realized that most things either don't work or they are too complicated or expensive to use.  

I wanted a software that would align with a recruiting process and natural skills and tasks to let them be the best recruiters possible....not computer scientists.  So we built Candid8 that starts by filling out a simple job order form, just like most major job boards, then the rest of the process works behind the scenes, so the recruiter can focus on what matters most; interviewing candidates.  I'm thrilled with the results, and I think you will be too.  Check out the demo, and don't worry you can actually just watch how it works, without having to talk to a salesperson!  

Why Candid8?


Many people ask why they would need yet another software when they already have an ATS...and my answer is because as time goes on things get more complicated.  Applicant Tracking Systems can be amazingly comprehensive, yet sometimes so much so that it can complicate the typical recruiter's work flow.  


Technology is a necessary part of modern life, and it isn’t going away. But if you're like most recruiters, you want software to make your life easier, which is why we created Candid8 with the most essential out of the box features to do just that.  Recruiters want to fill orders, and they want to do it faster than anyone else.  Yet, searching through a massive database trying to find the right candidates, to then inquire if they're interested, slows things down.  This is why even the agencies with tens of thousands of candidates in their ATS, often over-rely on job boards, resulting in most of the recent placements coming from job board sourced candidates.  That is more costly and does not give you a competitive advantage. Candid8 changes that!



Meet The Team


We are a dynamic duo! One of us comes from the staffing and recruiting trenches while the other is a tech genius that builds tools to optimize people's time.  

Dan Mori

Staffing Guy

Steve Popovich

Tech Guy